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Patrick Patterson and the World of Others

“Patrick Patterson is a normal, if socially awkward, twelve year old boy from a small town in Texas. Until one day he finds out that he isn’t. He isn’t normal. He isn’t from Texas. He isn’t even Patrick Patterson. That is only the beginning of all the isn’ts Patrick has to come to terms with the day before his thirteenth birthday when he finds himself thrust into an adventure that will change his life forever.

Patrick, his parents, and some very interesting friends have to race across the country trying to escape the evil creatures sent from Patrick’s home-planet. A place he only just learned existed. Along the way Patrick must learn very quickly what is ‘real’ and that nothing is merely imaginary.

Mr. Fryar brings a new and refreshing take on some comfy old worn-soft themes. His very descriptive writing style drew me into the story so I could be excited, terrified, angry, and elated right along with Patrick. A character, who by the way, you are going to love. The only part of this story I found less than satisfying was the end… because I cannot wait for the sequel!”
T. J. Dell, author of Saving Face

“James Fryar’s Patrick Patterson and the World of Others is a fantastic, fun adventure ride for all ages. Patrick is the target of bullies at his school, he has only one friend, yet he has a crush of the girl next door. He dreams of being an astronaut when he grows up. Despite how his life has gone so far he has been told that his 13th birthday holds special meaning. On the eve of that very birthday extraordinary, yet frightening events start to unfold. He begins what is surely one heck of a wild ride.

Patrick Patterson and the World of Others is a good, clean, yet great ride for anyone picking up this book for the first time or even the tenth time. I could easily see this story on the big screen. Pick up your copy today and share Patrick’s journey with him.”
D. Everetti, author of Punishing a Good Deed

“Although the book starts a bit slowly (small Texas town without much going on), it didn’t take long to develop the lead character and bring me into his world. I found the characters well developed (and entertaining), the gadgets/weapons/worlds inventive and the action exciting. It was the right mix of luring us into this magical place, and having us hold on to our seats as things there heated up to the boiling point. There’s action, betrayal, romance, tragedy, adventure — it has it all and all in the right doses. I can’t wait for the sequel!
–Amazon Reviewer

“Not your typical twelve year old boy. Not your typical sci fi. Not your typical race across the country. A fun read that takes us on a journey. James Edward Fryar is a wonderful writer, whose wit can be seen not only in this sci/fi adventure novel, but also in his bio! I look forward to more work (and the sequel!) from this talented, new writer. Could make for a very fun movie as well…”
–Amazon Reviewer

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