The World of Others (Book 1)

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“[James Edward] Fryar brings a new and refreshing take on some comfy old worn-soft themes.  His very descriptive writing style drew me into the story so I could be excited, terrified, angry, and elated right along with Patrick.  A character, who by the way, you are going to love.  The only part of this story I found less than satisfying was the end… because I cannot wait for the sequel!”

–TJ Dell, author of Saving Face

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“A match was struck in the distance, bringing light to what was otherwise darkness.”

And so begins the story of Patrick Patterson…

For almost thirteen years, he’s lived a quiet, simple life in the tiny town at the edge of Texas, called Farwell…with big dreams and small hopes…Suddenly, he is whisked away by a rag tag group of warriors and others across the United States to discover his true identity and a destiny clouded in mystery.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he’d walk through an underground city filled with citizens from across the universe, contend with powerful enemies from the edge of the galaxy, or travel to the Arctic Circle on a high speed train.

Now, he must decide what he truly desires and whether he even wants to take up the mantle of hero…or alien.


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