I’ve been fortunate to receive many wonderful reviews so far with my little book, but I wasn’t prepared for the last two days.  Essentially, I’ve been sending a lot of letters out to various book reviewers across the country and across the world, in the hope that they would help get the word out about Patrick Patterson and the World of Others.

Many have responded and agreed to read/review my story.  Two have just posted to their reviews to their websites.

Here are some snippets:

“I was truly amazed by this book. It is such a perfectly blended mish-mash of so many different things. It all works together to create a quirky, unique and fun book. It’s like an intergalactic fantasy/paranormal novel geared towards MG/YA. I feel like I’ve found a shiny gem that I want to show off :)”

–Jackie, My Tower of Books

Read her full review HERE!

“Patrick Patterson and the World of Others was delightfully distinctive, temptingly engaging, and astoundingly wondrous!  This remarkable book kept me on my toes, hoping that one way or another Patrick would unravel his destiny and take back what was rightfully his.  But I am left hoping as I am left eagerly waiting for the next installment…”

–Mindy, My Hidden Bookshelf

Read her full review HERE!

I was blown away by their response to my work!  All I can say is Thank You to you both!  I appreciate you taking a chance on an unknown author and happy that you enjoyed my first book.

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